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All rates are in Euro, based on the source text word count and are exclusive of VAT.

1. Translation rates - basic fees

Romanian into Hungarian 0,048 €/word
Hungarian into Romanian 0,052 €/word
Other languages into Hungarian 0,058 €/word
Other languages into Romanian 0,062 €/word
Hungarian into Other languages* 0,064 €/word
Romanian into Other languages* 0,070 €/word
Other languages into Other languages 0,080 €/word

* Other languages, i.e. English and French. These rates apply for translation of general texts. General texts are those in which the percentage of technical terms does not exceed 10% of the word count.

2. Additional charges

Technical translation:

If the amount of technical terms included in the source text exceeds 10%, the following rates apply:

technical terms between 10 - 20%:
a surcharge of 10%
technical terms over 20%:
a surcharge of 20%.
Additional checking (e.g. of the proper use of the technical terms in the target language):
a surcharge of 50%.

Rush charge:

turnaround within 24 hours
1.750 to 3.750 words an extra 60% may be applied
turnaround within 48 hours
1.750 to 3.750 words an extra 30% may be applied
turnaround within 72 hours
over 3.750 words but not exceeding 1.750/8 hour workday an extra 15% may be applied

Prices quoted above are subject to negotiation.

3. Discounts

We offer discounts for high volume or regular work, and 10% discount when you pay upfront for your translations.


System maintenance

The computer is nothing else, just a "brain-amplifier" as one word of mouth used on the Internet is say. Believe us, is true, even more, it amplifies anything people used to have on their brains> good and bad, brilliant and obscure alike. That's why these computers are needing maintanance and care, even if some are believing the contrary.

If happens (by accident, of course), that some of these boxes are wired together, we can talk about a computer system - if any systematic thinking where hardwired in there Hihihi - wich need much more attention as a sole PC. Here we're come in to the picture - you definitively need our knowledge accumulated in the past twenty-some years in this field.

Few references:

Desktop publishing, text processing, other prepress activities

Székelyföldi Áttekintő - 1992
Székelyföldi Áttekintő newspaper, 1992
Vuk - mesekönyv, 1994
Vuk - storybook, 1994
Wolfhart Zoltán - Kopjafa helyett
Wolfhart Zoltán - Kopjafa helyett - history-book
Csíkszereda címere
Csíkszereda's coat of arms
Tejgyár - szórólap
Tejgyár - flyer
Városi gólyabál - plakát
Városi gólyabál - poster
Csíkszeredai képeslapok jegyzéke
Csíkszereda - postcard catalogue
Decoratex - szórólap
Decoratex - flyer
Csíkszereda - a város lapja
Csíkszereda - the City Hall's paper

As you can see, a large variety of typographic products were mastered by us. In the past decade we collaborated with almost every local typography, many publishers, from the smallest to the well-known big guns, newspapers, foundations, churches and ordinary people.

NyomdagépWhat we offer?

  • Accurate, high quality service.
  • Time is money - even for us, so we prefer to do the job as quick as possible without compromising the quality.
  • Wen are a small family firm, so you can expect to be treated as a family member.


Our prices are settled as low as possible. We don't want to to lamb down our customers, we prefer to make small profits as often as we can, instead of losing a potentially returning customer. For this very reason we have a very flexible pricing, depending on exact knowledge of the requested job and the customer. The price fixing depends on many factorsEek, so we do not have a pre-estabilished price list. But we can give you some orientative prices as guidelines:

Job Time Price
B/W newspaper, page size A4, typesetting and makeup, printing the page proof 1 day 25 euro
Wedding card (page proof for one color - silver, gold, black) 2 hours 5 euro
B/W business/calling cards - 100 pcs. 1 day 3.5 euro
Full color business/calling cards - 100 pcs. 1 day 5 euro

All prices can change, depending on the preferences of the customer and the urgency and complexity of the job .



"If you can speak three languages you're trilingual. If you can speak two languages you're bilingual. If you can speak only one language you're an American."
(Author Unknown)

Motto: We translate the meaning not only the words.

We are a professional, experienced translation team. Living in a multilingual environment (native Hungarians, living in Romania - Romanian citizens) we have developed a good language sense. At the same time, due to our technical studies and professional experience, we have a strong passion for technical translations.
We have the synergy to ensure translation excellence, reviewing each other's work before release to the customer thereby providing a value-added, quality-controlled translation.
We are persons who really appreciate seriousness, tending to be perfectionists and have our work done very good and in time. We offer not only extensive experience in our fields of expertise but also first-hand knowledge of cross-cultural issues that will make your translation fluent, easy-to-read and geared towards your target audience!
All our translation tasks will be treated with maximum care, will benefit from the best of our knowledge and attention and will certainly fit your time limits. Looking forward to working with you on a trustworthy basis.
We are always ready to translate a sample text. - Give it a try!
Please feel free to contact us for any English to Hungarian, French to Hungarian, Romanian to Hungarian and/or Hungarian to Romanian translation task.

Special fields:

  • Engineering, civil engineering, construction works, design, technical descriptions.
  • Public administration/government - investments, public procurement, tender documents (calls for tenders, tender specifications, clarification correspondence, technical and financial proposals) contracts, agreements (sale, service, works contracts), corporate documents, etc.
  • IT - computers, hardware, software, Internet, wireless (users handbooks, technical descriptions, components brochures, etc.).
  • EU - briefings, reports, presentations, press releases, documentation in the fields of agriculture, economics, environment, education, law, human rights protection, social affairs, technical, etc.
  • Technical - technical documentation for various machines and equipments, technical descriptions, electrical equipments, household appliances, technical support documentation, user manuals, etc.


Translation capacity up to 35,000 words per month (depending on repetition rate). Cost-effective, well coordinated work, consisting in translation, proofreading, checking and double-checking any material.
Dipl. Eng. of Civil Engineering, Nuclear Physics and Information Technology, MSc in Geography and English teaching. Freelance translators. Full CV's available upon request.

Pricing and Payment:

Rates are based on a number of factors, including language pair(s) and area(s) of specialization, deadline(s), DTP work needed, etc. If the source text is provided in an editable electronic form, the price will be calculated based on the source words count; otherwise the target word count will be used. However, we generally estimate our final price only upon viewing samples of text to be done.
To get a precise quote, please send an email specifying all relevant details.
General rate is EUR 0,04 to 0,08 per source word. More detailed price list is also available. Payment should be done through international bank wire, PayPal or Skrill (MoneyBookers). Euro preferred.

Few examples:

Software localisation

  • ATLAS - tax software bundle for local government, Hungarian interface.
  • Report Magic - freeware plug-in for Analog.

Multilang projects

  • Csíkszereda's first homepage - replaced in mean time with another one :(
  • Travel in Harghita travel CD in 3 languages
  • lots of commercial pages (see Sites section for examples)
  • and, of course the traditional Christmas page - Or "How Merry Christmas is said in 117 languages" (more multilingual like that is hard to make...)




Multilingual Dictionary - Többnyelvű szótár

DictZone Multilingual (Többnyelvű szótár)

Successful websites evolve. Even when that spiffy new site is up and drawing traffic, the job is not complete. There’s always website maintenance service work to be done for SEO, performance and security.

The reality of websites is that somebody needs to look after them on an ongoing basis.


Denis is a detail-oriented consultant who is able to produce an excellent results with ease. I have worked with Denis on implementation and instalation of server with a web site. Denis has provided me an excellent work and support and great advises. At all times I have found Denis to be reliable and high-skill professional. Denis would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation.

Mario Markovic
manager at NJSE
June 30, 2009

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  • We are setting up a backup procedure to ensure, that your data is safe
  • We are monitoring for uptime and unwanted activity
  • We are correcting any issues found
  • We are supporting all current and upcoming Joomla versions

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